Auto Insurance Adjusters

Understanding Texas Auto Insurance Adjusters

Auto insurance adjusters play an important role after a car accident.  Therefore, you should know just who they are and how they operate. In short, adjusters are employees of insurance companies whose main job is to investigate accidents.  In addition, determine what the liability of the insurance company is. The loyalty of the insurance adjuster lies with the company, not with you. One of the ways that auto insurance companies make money is by paying out as little as they are legally obligated to.  And, experienced auto insurance adjusters know how to do this.

Understanding Texas Auto Insurance Adjusters

Tactics Used by Texas Auto Insurance Adjusters

Becoming familiar with the tactics that auto insurance adjusters use while evaluating claims is the best way to avoid falling prey to them. While not an exhaustive list, a few of the more common tactics include the following:

Look for Inconsistencies

Look for Inconsistencies

An insurance adjuster could ask for a very thorough recorded statement from you.  Furthermore, they will then look for any details that suggest an inconsistency in your story.  In which subsequently might represent an out for the insurance company. For example, you might tell an adjuster that you only injured your arm in a crash.  However, later you find out you also sustained a concussion. They may then turn around and use this information to suggest that a different event caused your injuries as opposed to the accident.

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How Can a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

How Can a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Delay the Process or Avoid Contact

Depending on the case, some adjusters might attempt to delay the case as long as they can.  Therefore, hoping that you will begin to feel the pressure of unpaid bills piling up. The thought is that if your bills start piling up, you’ll become desperate.  Furthermore, be willing to accept whatever offer they throw at you. In these instances, stand firm and continue to contact them.  No matter how frustrating it becomes.

Encourage a Rapid Settlement

On the other hand, adjusters may try to pressure to settle quickly in certain cases. This strategy might be used if the adjuster feels that you don’t understand the full value of your claim, or that further investigation into it will uncover more damages that the insurance company could be liable for. Having the right attorney in your corner can ensure that you are taken care of in every situation.
For most accident victims, the world of personal injury law can be a new and scary place. Hiring the right attorney can help.

An experienced attorney from The Law Office of Orlando Zambrano will be able to properly value your claim to ensure that you don’t accept a fast settlement offer and leave money on the table. We are familiar with the applicable laws in your case, which means that we can advise you on what insurance adjusters can and can’t do. Ultimately, we will work with you and your family to make sure that you get the best settlement offer possible while handling all of the difficult negotiations.

Personal injury lawyers can help in non-auto accident cases, too. Insurance adjusters are involved in all types of personal injury cases, like:

  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Product liability
  • Reputational harm

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Auto insurance adjusters are trained well. They have their employer’s best interests as their priority, not your interests. Even if the auto insurance adjuster is representing your claim, they still want to minimize or avoid a settlement payout. This is particularly true when you file a first-party claim with your own insurer.

To make sure you get the compensation you deserve, you need to know how to handle auto insurance adjusters. At The Law Office of Orlando Zambrano, our auto accident attorney has the experience and skill. Contact us today online or at 832-422-9399 to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.

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